Friday, June 5, 2015

Pen in ink work!

The Stages of Frida

Done in Micron pen number 5 on 9 x 12 charcoal Paper
On etsy!

new lovely pieces!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A mix media piece in color pencils on thick paper 9 x 12

Lush green and whimsy tones
Not yet finish!

Since I was a little girl I knew creating was my passion to emotionally connect into a world of my own and to disconnect  myself from the gloom in which I lived in at the time. I remember being so young and impressionable felt as if my eyes had huge lenses and all my senses were heighten.  I felt and saw everything to a high degree, and how it affected me. 

As I got older and still impressionable, I realised I had the ability to take the pain and soften my lenses to tone the imagery as a passing event rather then letting it affect me or repress it. It is only a dull picture I can now sully place without it's raging distress.

I can now exaggerate the decay of an unpleasant event into something beautiful.  Feels like magic. The ability and freedom to do so at any given moment creatively becomes my source of therapy in a world I live in. The world as cruel as it can be and yet  beautiful for it's native lands and people who continue to make a difference in the world brings a smile and joy.

I step outside and hear the birds, feel and smell the green lush and tall trees  around me, And the fresh air nature procures, is my best companion. The inspiration to my art and my spirit.  
I continue to use the elements and power to blossom in my art. Doing this, I grow too. That's important to me, to take steps to evolve I allow myself to conquer and challenge any fear that gets in my way and use it to my advantage. 

 Channeling  my emotions into art, is a wonderful journey. An escape and go beyond, feels  and is, an adventure to my spirit. It is like magic and story evolving into color as well, is so poetic to me.  I'm my own director and producer.  When the outside world feels like chaotic muck and at times eerie.  I take what is unpleasant and turn into something beautiful. 

 To make a difference in the world means the whole world to me. When making someone smile and happy with my art, it embraces  me with great amount of happiness.  I know I'm doing something completely right and good. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Called a bird whisperer. 

A piece I finished last night. it is a small little head sculpture

done in texture paste crayons watercolor against 

A beautiful painted back paper drop stenciling texture 

paste, Collage

and watercolour and crayons and graphite pencil on paper 

this piece will be in a shadow box. 

Have a lovely 

Monday afternoon!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted on my site, my apologies!
Been working on a series of black and white and I'm enjoying it so much. I continue to explore with light and shadows. My inspiration are about, dreams and nature and all the emotions involve and continue to evolve are my inspiration of this series. There are more to this series posted in my facebook.

I will show you another piece!

I will see you soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Going through beautiful changes

A finished piece Done collage acrylic mix media on Moleskine paper 12 x 16.5
Pieces of me

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New work!

Morning and have a beautiful day!

Here are new commission pieces.
A whimsy new beginning. Working on new pieces in collage pastel watercolor and acrylic mix media. The combination of these mediums compliment the pieces with so much play and fun. Working with shapes and composition. Nature is my inspiration!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Embrace your inner angel everyday! HAPPY hOLIDAYS eVERYONE!

                                                               Your inner angel series!
Two more to go soon!
Done in acrylic and charcoal on paper acid free 9 x 24 two more to go and much more! Will be on etsy!…/215641560/your-inner-angle-series…

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

These are done in charcoal and soon be in color. These are called Our inner Angels
each are 9 x 24
When your own door is closed, so is your heart. But when you decide to open your door beauty is welcome. Your being is balanced with harmony. And everything seems to blossom. A decision has been made by you. An inner voice, the intuition that guides you in the right direction. We create an energy force so powerful even strangers can sense it. They want it! I believe that we are all angels walking the earth. Some are broken, others are angry, resentful and just down evil with no wings at all and others are, happy connected.
I was once lost even broken. My wings were tired. I felt I could not fly anymore but there was a light flickering in my heart. Giving up wasn't an option. Even on my worst dark days. I was holding on to love so tightly it was my only salvation to fly again. To break free from my inner turmoil. Letting go was the only way through. My love, my hope and my faith was the key. So I made a decision, to believe and trust myself and that all will be well. That the journey was the beginning of something so wonderful I had to take it. A few steps forward and not a few steps back. And so I did, and my wings renewed themselves. New feathers grew in strong my heart beamed like the sun. I felt alive again. It took me long but I made it through. So when I get sad and feel like the world is closing in sometimes I remember that day. I'm an angel with wings and I can fly and love and be happy because is the only way to live. And so I will hold on to it close to my heart.