Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The heart that beats on faith!

Done in acrylic mix media on three layer wood blocks

The heart that beats on faith!
Hello everyone!! First I want to thank you all for leaving me helpful sweet inspiring comments. You guys are fabulous!! You guys are my cool love love blog buddies and you always make my day.
This piece I created for a friend of mine, he hasn't seen it yet. On my table I have two 10x10 abstract pieces I want to share with all of you. Both are drying not ready to be posted. I'm very excited about the pieces different from what I usually create. I wanted to do something completely different with color and shape and form- non objective, a departure from reality. Some people don't understand abstract for the reason that it doesn't communicate something to them- I understand but there is something so delicious about form shape and composition. I love to experiment, see what else I can do, to explore, to invite, to dance with colors, to challenge myself. I get bored doing the same thing, always need, want to create something that will allow me to more free to splatter all on canvas. To be absolutely naked!! These paintings do not relate to anything but to purely have fun. And when I dare to spill myself in that way I find that I learn something new and interesting. I don't like canvas much but I must say that the two canvas I bought 6 months was quite enjoyable because I didn't stop to think what I was going to create. I just added color and allowing it to guide me. Canvas intimidates me especially big one, I usually work small. But I think that soon I will paint bigger and bigger, the thought is exciting. Hmmmm! let's see yum yum yummy colors. The thing is I need a big place, soon, yes yes!! Trailer doesn't work but big space does!! Oh my, I can't wait to paint bigger!! Well, I need to wait. I'm writing a lot here. So much I want to express. Which reminds me I haven't written in my journal for quite a while. I bought a new journal. I need more art supplies more this more that. Now I'm just blah blah blah. Well goodbye!! until next time, soon!!

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