Thursday, August 1, 2013

There is so many colors in all of us!

Beauty of the bohemian women

Here I have an Itsy Bitsy Piece I created late last night in freestyle motion done with Papel Carbon, graphite pencil and acrylic on heavy arches protected with fixative 3 x 4. 

What I found very exciting and fun is taking a piece of papel carbon lay it over my arches paper and draw as if my eyes were closed. I just imagined my character in my mind and freely drew her. It is fun and freestyle grooving! I love these so much love, love them! 

These will look wonderful as a set together in white frames. I am selling them individually, no shipping charge added to them. Now a white frame makes the colors stand out for these lovely pieces as well as black frames, great too!

So much beauty in this piece for it's poetic strokes across the page and vivid colors.

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