Saturday, May 8, 2010

New paintings!

A sight of love and togetherness!
Saturday and it's raining again but this time I'm enjoying the rain showering all the lush green around me. It's beautiful and I feel great and new. It's so lovely to meet new artists who have come by to visit and see me work. It is nice to meet all you lovely women. It's quiet here at home and I'm enjoying the peace healing me while I recovering from the recent surgery. I feel great!!! Eating healthy, drinking herbal tea listening to music and painting what I love. Art is my healing! Your kind warm words are my healing as well. 
As you can see, my paintings have gone in a totally different direction. I love this piece for the beauty peacefulness and simplicity it represents . Mother and her children together embracing simply by saying with their eyes how they so love each other and how family is so important. Love without words. I adore it! 
Done in acrylic and charcoal on brown acid free Indian paper 18in.x24in.. I enjoy working with this paper.

 Another piece
A beauty of form 
This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on brown acid free Indian paper 18in.x24in.

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