Wednesday, May 7, 2008


While I fish through the fridge for some night snack realizing how late it is, I decided it wasn't time to go to bed yet. My mind was going through, what we call, "over load of thoughts" just swimming back and fourth. So I felt like writing and sharing with you folks. Today was A Day when I felt I wanted to pull my hair, OH YEAH!! It was Painting Day and not one painting came out right. So I played with my cat for a while, had some tea and stared at the paintings and cried, well just a little. Then my cat went out hunting and brought me a gift, a helpless little lizard. Now, I'm screaming, ooh no! at the top of my lungs because Sammy my cat jumping, running like a maniac knocked all paints and brushes and suddenly splash, water splattered all over my paper and all because a helpless little creature. Suddenly BAM! he got it, poor little lizard DEAD! It was over. So I painted some more but my groove was stuck somewhere and I could not paint. I decided it was best to leave it alone for today and just sketch some ideas, it worked perfectly. Tomorrow is another new day! That's all folks!

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