Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The first glance!

This piece is done in gouache gesso charcoal on 9x18 kraft paper mounted on white back drop
varnished and fixative

La primera mirada!
The first glance!
The first glance brings butterflies to my stomach and till this day I still get those butterflies.
A sweet connection!

living on green green grass and the brilliant colors in between

This piece is painted in gouache gesso with a bit of charcoal on 9x18 kraft paper
varnished and fixative

I call it
Living on green green grass and the brilliant colors in between!
This piece was inspired by a day dream about having a house one day with a huge art studio to lay all my paints, papers, canvas, my paintings and fill the walls of all the artists I love. Some are in storage put away in a safe box. We live in a very very very small shack out in the woods. And our goal is to save enough for a house. So far we are doing well on saving, that's great!! I love it here. it's a beautiful place but not big enough for two. I love big spaces and a art studio where I can hide, paint and a chair by the window where I can write and drink my cup of hot earl grey tea.

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