Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raw Art

Fuck Cancer - You blacken my body in sickness
finished today! Commission piece for Philip Haxo
Thank you so much. Cancer piece
I'm proud of this powerful piece!
Done in acrylic collage mix media on Moleskine paper

Monday, October 13, 2014

Art stirs up an elaborate web of emotions.

Expressing myself!
Called Listen
I love the innocence of my pieces but I also love deeply the rawness that some of my pieces evoke.

It stirs up an elaborate web of emotions.
I enjoy myself naked, to be explicit, to be loud, to be honest, to just be. To evoke a monologue with every piece that I do. To become the character that speaks a dramatic conversation of sorrow, happiness, sadness. The truth of the matter is, Art is never contained, it never hides the truth, it speaks the truth. And so here I am Raw and Open!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Liquid Art

Liquid Art Workshop coming soon. Get your big Moleskine book 11.5 x 16 .5 ready 
A quick 30 minute free form sketch watered down charcoal, ink and black gesso on beautiful fine paper. Bring your self into the lines. Loosen up the grip to control what needs to be free, your hand and yourself. Perfection isn't what makes the piece eloquent, it confines it. The beauty is in the way you apply the rhythm of your strokes. Your mind isn't limited but spontaneous. Be uninhibited and relax! Approach your piece without restriction. Feel the strong pull to let yourself go.

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

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