Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little red riding hood bag

 Little red riding hood bag
I'm back! As you can see I been addicted creating pouchies and now bags. I created this one this past weekend. Actually two but I thought I would surprise you with one for now. Some of you may wonder when I will be painting other big and small pieces again and that will be soon. Now I have these ideas in making pouchies and adding my images. I was thinking today as I was drinking my coffee sitting by my table looking at everything I've done and I have to say I do miss painting big pieces. But I'm enjoying these beautiful pouchies. And I'm learning a lot on what else I can do and it's a lot of fun. I'm growing as an artist and that's what it's all about - growing! I want to thank you for enjoying them too! You guys inspire me greatly and I appreciate your lovely comments. 

This piece as you can see is not done on canvas but in decorative fabric. Size of bag is 9inches tall and 11inches wide. Also I stitched in some leafs filling them with cotton colorful yarn. I also added a colorful strap with bag and black zipper as well. The red fabric has a sheer shine to it as well as the back which by the way - is green.  It beautiful!! 

Got to go and create some more fun goodies for this week!
Until next time!

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