Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No more chatter box

No more chatter box!
That's right! right there where you belong. I don't need the chatter, nobody needs the chatter constantly pestering . So annoying. The serpent hisses slithering talk talk talk, telling you it just ain't working sweety. You got to do better than that. So exhausting, my god! Well, I got news! enough is enough. Is about cleaning your filters, actually, befriend it. Like, hey how are you today? nice of you to stop by. Well, I'm busy, no time for you. Got to own it. You are in control. The kind of chatter I'm talking about, is the one we all have. Always at the corner selling you short by the constant self judgement blocking creativity.
She's in tune with nature, she hears her calling, she's embracing the child within, she wants to play and venture to places she always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? do it, for crying out loud. No more chatter box telling me was best. Listen and breath! Hear your heart beating, feel your face, touch your hands, open your mind. Let the adventure begin!

Be what you are meant to be, the rest doesn't exist!

It never did. It was always invented by the simple fact feeling we are not good enough to the world or anyone for that matter. That's a lie! Art is a gift, a blessing that never has tricky disguises. It is real from the matters of the heart!


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