Thursday, May 7, 2009

The big box by Toni Morrison And Slade Morrison

A beautiful book!
you must own

One of the pages of - The big box

I adore this book!
The book is about kids who enjoy the playfulness of their freedom. Soon their freedom is taken away due to so called bad behavior and they are confused. The adults who feel they must be controlled. That they should be placed inside a big box with all the things they love without contact with the outside world. It's sad yet the ending is beautiful once the kids decide to break the rules and conditions placed on them. The thing is and real unfortunate, that in life some kids are overly controlled and restricted by those who were once controlled as well.
Freedom and the sweet innocence of childhood should never be taken away.
A children's book written by Toni Morrison and illustrated by Giselle Potter

Sooo early in the morning and rainning too!

It's 5o'clock and insomnia kicked my butt last night, woke at about 1:30 in the morning. I'm still sleepy and while I'm up decided to read more about Etsyshop figuring it all out before I begin spreading my art for the world to see. Sorry, I'm taking a long while to process all Etsy information but in the mean time while your waiting come visit, browse through and see what's new, lovely work of inspiration will soon be on Etsy shop. As for rain this morning I think I'll shower in it's holy water for a bit to start my day. Ooops thunder and lightning here it comes , love that sound!!

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