Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Class!

Itsy Bitsy art workshop

Name of new class oodle doodle art has been changed to Itsy bitsy art!
Class is 45.00
Tomorrow evening!

About the class - In this new work shop I will be showing you how to draw a small character using first Carbon papel on watercolor paper. The technique allows strong outline foundation. The purpose of using carbon papel, gives character sharp contrast, a contour drawing field to it. Focus on the outlined of the character. Us e your pencil to also draw in thick and thin lines - more on Video 3
Video 1 - I want you to do not two but 8 mini series of 3 x 4 in this method. Draw your own characters on watercolor paper the first week. Follow the video!
In free motion, draw in your character using graphite pencil on Papel Carbon directly on your watercolor paper then you will spray fixative to protect your piece from smudges. Now begin by adding pastel to your back drop then once you are done use watercolor and acrylic. You can add these to wood blocks or little tiny frames.
It is very exciting and fun to simply doodle your characters in a freestyle grooving way.  

Video 2 – I want you to do three pieces on watercolor paper sizes 5 x 7 not 5.5 x 7.5 dismiss what was said on video 2 about size. You will first paint your backdrop designing your three pieces in Oil pastel, crayons and watercolor. About the Technique – it brings out lovely effects and patterns. The oil pastels and crayons - resist the watercolor paint filling in the backdrop beautifully. Once you are done draw in your characters.

Video 3 – More about contour drawing. You will use three 5 x 7 pieces looking at an object, a cat, a flower and child. You will do a contour outline without looking. Practice on bigger paper for a week. This will make your pieces interesting and strong in thick dark lines and light lines. When you look at an object you will see thick and thin lines and what that means it allows you to focus where the light and dark is coming from, sharp thick lines means shadow and thin lines means light.
 You will not lift up your pencil while you are drawing. Continue to draw your subject without looking at your paper. It will be difficult but the purpose to this is to allow your eyes to move along the paper. Practice and you will see the effectiveness and results to this wonderful observation.

Video 4 – On video 4 – We will be using three watercolor paper 5 x 7 applying texture pastel, oil pastel, crayons, acrylic and watercolor. The technique is to use these mediums to amplify your pieces composition and arrangement of beautiful colors and patterns. Your pieces will be about women portraits symbolizing beauty and nature.

Texture paste
Watercolor paper
Oil pastels
Carbon paper
Graphite pencil

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