Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop thinking part 2

love love this one!
Not ready yet, wanted to share what I've done so far.

Finished! '' Stop thinking ''

This is what your mind looks like when your thinking too much.
A bunch of words scattered all over the place.
Well, enough is enough!

This lovely piece will be in my Etsy shop!
3x3 wood blocks on wood back drop ready for your wall.
Oh and I have another one coming as well, it's beautiful!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The rhythm of being Happy, is to celebrate!!

done in acrylics gesso and pencil on watercolor paper
The rhythm of being happy, is to celebrate!

So much fun doing this piece! I love working big, if not bigger but haven't got the space for it but I will someday. A place I can expand and paint like a mad woman on the canvas and say yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have a glass of wine..... and of course listen to funky great music to go with it and dance like I never danced before.
My morning Journal

Do you know that too much thinking slows the process of your life? Yip! it sure does. It paralyze you, makes you tired and irritable. Sometimes too much thinking can drive you up the all. I mean really, it's so exhausting.

For me too much thinking is when I find myself obsessing about how to be less this and more that. Trying to change certain things I dislike can be so much pressure, is like telling yourself to stop smoking because eventually falling ill will creep up soon and it's just a horrible habit. So you tell yourself to stop but meanwhile you end up smoking more. And you dislike it so much!

When I tell myself to stop worrying, I worry more. I wonder if I have OCD! I obsess about things that are sometimes ridiculous. So my boyfriend last night tells me, Magaly understand that you being emotional is who you are and trying to change that won't work, just accept it. I love it!! he says. And if you find yourself fixating on one thought, then stop yourself. But to try to change something that will always be part of your personality, won't work to change that. It is who you are, that's it. And what it boils down to at the end is balancing and accepting it.

So too much thinking about how to be better on certain things can be draining. When I find myself not thinking about anything and focus on what's important, I do have to say, it makes a difference. I feel much lighter and happier.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stop thinking!

done in acrylic gesso pen and ink on 3x3 wood block against wood back drop

'' Stop thinking ''
These 3x3 pieces are lovely!
Don't you get tired of thinking so much? my god!
I been doing a lot of that lately think think think.
Giving my mind a rest would do me some good and a vacation to Tuscany or Greece
Oooh yes, sounds real good!

This piece is not done yet. I was thinking of adding words into the backdrop in black ink running down the wood. I like that! let see what else I come up with. I will show you at the end of week.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cuando nos sentimos libre, el mundo brilla en mil colores!

Done in acrylic gesso charcoal on rough brown paper on 9x12 wood block

'' Cuando nos sentimos libre, el mundo brilla en mil colores ''
when we Feel free, the world shines with millions of colors

When I started drawing this piece I fell in love with the direction it was leading. It's quite different from all the paintings I've done so far and I'm happy with it. I feel that each time I dare myself to explore, the lines guides me where I want to go and the process of it is quite beautiful. Having fun with colors and shapes.

I'm an artist
I'm a woman
I'm also a child
She is my supporter
Because when I paint,
she fills me with dreams
creating a world of
magic and exploration
and that makes me happy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Expressing love public

Done in acrylic gesso pencil on 24x36 watercolor paper

Expressing love in public

There were many times, moments when I saw couples expressing love to each other, in parks, walking, in restaurants, in the subway, on a bench. I mean it goes on and it's such a lovely sight. To see such great affection. What I love the most is when I see old folks loving each other holding hands, smiling at each other. Those moments took place in the park, in central park when I lived in New York years back.

When I hear people say they don't care much about falling in love what they mean they are afraid of the pain that sometimes come with it. So they rather be alone then loving and sharing with someone. But at night, alone in the dark you secretly weep wanting so much to be loved by someone but you lie to yourself convincing that love is such a waste of emotional time because of the fear of abandonment, fear of loss among other things we so called fear. How can you miss out on the power of love when it's right. love is everything, love can change your life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Through hard times, we must keep the faith!

Done in acrylic gesso charcoal on bogus rough brown paper on 9x12 wood block
protected with fixative and varnish

Through hard times, we must keep the faith!

Monday, July 20, 2009


This piece is painted in acrylic gesso charcoal on rough bogus brown paper mounted on wood block
9x12 protected with fixative and varnished


Is easy to not deal, is easy to blame, is easy to run away and not face the problems within family. everything gets buried under the rug, pretending that everything is okay. If you stay quiet and not make a fuss eventually it will disappear. Well, it doesn't! I believe in family and believe in facing problems when they arise. Is about unity, about being a team, about not losing yourself, is about love, about communicating as painful as it might be, at the end it has it's reward because it means growing up means taking responsibility, is about being stronger, means taking care of your kids, is about taking the good with the bad. Is about not giving up. Is so easy to give up and not give a shit! that's right, not give a shit! I was brought up in a dysfunctional family once and believe me it took me years to let go of that pain I saw. Having to see my mother suffer the way she did affected me greatly. Sometimes it happens and you try to do everything in your power to make it right. I must say even though she suffered so much she never stopped loving us. She realized that taking care of herself was important and taking care of us was worth living. She did a good job. Family is about taking care of each other no matter what, even if your father goes away and never comes back.
Due to not having enough cash flow prints will be delayed for a long while. And I'm not happy with the way the color prints are printed in Staples + I'm not happy with the service. I prefer Kinkos but unfortunately their destination is quite very far from me. So I will be selling only originals. The good news! when an original is sold the person will be given an addition 3x3 original painting on wood block. So if you love a piece a gift will be added with the shipping.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Las amigitas del barrio - '' friends of the neighborhood ''

This piece here is painted in acrylic gouache gesso charcoal on rough bogus brown paper and it will be on two wood blocks I decided.
measuring 9x24 against a wood back drop 11x26
protected with fixative and varnished

Las amigitas del barrio

The beauty of friendship when they are here for joy and for sorrow.

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.-- John Evelyn

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The sweet fun colors of the day!

Done in acrylic gesso on rough brown paper on wood block
Protected with fixative and varnished

The sweet fun colors of the day
I don't do much landscape and I'm thinking Of creating a series of them, it's different from all the the other paintings that I've done. As you can see here I love to keep it whimsical, there is so much fun with nature that the thought of whimsy fits right in. Nature is whimsy, there's just so much going on.

Living green with the colors in between

Done in acrylic gesso on rough brown paper on wood block
Protected with fixative and varnished

Living green with the colors in between
Another piece I had so much fun with. I love love growing with each piece that I create and I find that when I let go I'm learning something new. An explosion of colors into my paper and I find that when I let myself be without trying so hard I feel God guiding my strokes speaking to me.

A beautiful Sunday afternoon!

This piece done in acrylic gesso on Rough surface brown paper on wood block
Protected with fixative and varnished

A beautiful Sunday afternoon

Fun fun fun doing this piece!! This past weekend I went art shopping, that means I went and bought lots of paint paint and the colors are earthy and vibrant. I could not help myself. When it comes to the art store I'm a happy woman in a candy store. I love candy by the way, sweet tooth!

I enjoyed using my paints trying out other colors. This piece came out exactly how I pictured it in my head warm tones in the fall season, peaceful cool colors on a Sunday afternoon. Relaxing embracing the one you love.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's the weekend, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Saturday and a beautiful morning it is. Hello everyone, are you enjoying your morning? The sun is ever so brilliant today. I'm sending you love and sunshine! In my agenda is paint paint and go to the art store, my favorite thing to do. And then we are going to Becky's house upstate New York on hoosick Town. I brought with me goodies for her two little girls to create , fun fun!! and I'm so excited. Next week I have so much to show you, lots of beautiful paintings right here. So many great ideas swimming in my head, oh can't wait to lay it all on paper. Well, I have to go but I will be back with brilliant colors and imagery. Thank you so much for your wonderful support and kind words!!

and great creative days ahead for all of you!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whimsical play of childhood and innocence!

These beauties are done in gouache gesso charcoal on 140lb 4x5 watercolor paper

Whimsical play of childhood and innocence

I had so much fun creating these little guys. I love them!
I love painting portraits of people and children. There's so much beauty in gestures, movement and face expressions that fascinates me.

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything just flopped everything went wrong. First my computer did not want to corporate, my friend betrayed me, that was painful, my Insurance does not cover seeing a fertility specialist, two paintings came out like crap, the gallery owner changed his address and number so I can't contact him or get my paintings out of his gallery, my paintings are in Porto Rico. Just one of those dam days!! I wanted to scream but didn't, I wanted to get sooo angry but I did not allow myself, I wanted to cry but I won't. I just sat there thinking, trying to contain my emotions. I couldn't anymore so I just wrote a letter to myself. What lingered most in my mind was my friend who I love betraying me the way she did. So I cried about that. The rest well, I thought I will find a way but first I need to take care of myself and that is to be kind to myself, no matter what else life tends to throw at me.

Today, how do I feel? real good, it's another day. As far as my friend, I wish her the best and I will always remember her. When you are far away people change and I need to accept that.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Another older piece done in watercolor gesso, collage and poetry
5x12 on watercolor paper


The girl who wanted to see the world!

done in watercolor gesso and collage
6x12 on watercolor paper


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Twirl and swirl little circus!

Love love this piece so much!!
This piece is done in gouache on 9x12 140LB cold press Vincent Rossini watercolor paper
not on wood

Twirl and swirl little circus
I love the circus, all the beautiful costumes the amazing masks, the performers, the colors and especially the magic.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you guys for visiting me!

I want to let you all know how happy it makes me feel to have such wonderful visitors coming by to see me. Again my computer is acting really slow so I won't be able to go to each of your blogs to visit and give thanks! Hopefully by this evening. My computer and everything else are run by generators in the woods so it can be difficult sometimes and very frustrating. But hey, it works but not as fast as I would want it. I'm sending you all a sweet hello and warm hugs. Have a gorgeous day!!!!

A lovely sight!

done in pen an ink 2x7 on handmade indian paper on wood block
A lovely sight
I love observing everything especially when I'm in the park.
One day I decided to stop by the waterfall in falls village and sat there for a while, during last summer. And I remember it was windy and a woman came by wearing a beautiful straw hat. Suddenly poof, her hat was blown away, it was a beautiful sight. The wind slowly twirling the straw hat across the sky. It was beautiful!!

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