Monday, March 10, 2008

Magaly Ohika

This piece about faith in myself. It's about spiritual discovery and conquering self-doubt.

I call this piece "El Barrio" in NewYork where I grew up. A mix media and collage piece. I had a lot of fun doing this.

Well, Here I finally am, thank god! Hello, my name is Magaly Ohika. I am here drinking a yummy cup of tea while my boyfriend, my sweetie pie, is making fun of me and my cat, Sammy, has just woken up from a dream. Now he's roaming around meowing meow meow eating some plants, oooh he's probably sicky, time for medicine. He hates it, being the stubborn cat that he is, Ooh Sammy! My computer is acting up, don't you hate that? I do. Don't have good connection up here on the roof, sometimes it works just well especially at night, my favorite time to paint and write. Here I am in Old San Juan Puerto Rico where I've been living for about 5yrs, time just flies. I'm originally born and raised in New York City. Five year ago I decided to come to my small island and discover my history, my roots, ME! I felt like a little girl coming here; it was all new and fresh. I was excited thrilled. I had a lot to do coming here, places to go, family to meet and things to see. It was all inspirational. It was the best decision I made. I got to discover things about me I thought never existed. But here I am happy to say it was all worth the ride. It's good to know how changes can produce such wonderful sweet realities.


  1. I like your work. Nice. Here's mine

  2. Hi Magaly! So delighted to see you are having such a wonderful life! Your work is fabulous! There are so many things to share...One new development is a book that I am co-writing about the 80's in NYC and my uptown/downtown experience as an artist and teacher. You are my ALL-TIME favorite student!!! It would be a delight an an honor to be in touch after all these years! I'm in the mountains of NC. I look forward to future correspondence! I ave music sites as well..this is a website which may have some familiar images: Yay!! I'm filled with glee and gratitude!


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