Tuesday, May 19, 2009

follow the path

done in pen and ink on wood block
size 10x10
I love this piece! then again, I love all my pieces. I love my pieces because I'm not trying hard. Before I use to try so hard to make it perfect that I end up ruining it and feeling so upset. I would even get depressed about it. When this happens, I go for a walk, reflect, see, cry and find what's going on. And usually, I end up knowing exactly what it is. Ooh, I went through it a few months. It killed me, that's right! So, i gave myself time to stay away even though my mind was painting, wanting sooo much to paint but i needed to focus and get in tune with myself. The reason why I call this piece- follow your path...means don't get side tracked, follow your dream, don't get distracted, spill every inch of you openly, Be fearless, allow the saints to guide you, hear the voice of a higher power whispering, there's nothing to be afraid of. Have the power of faith, regardless of all the changes you might feel are disturbing your sense of self. See it for what it is, move on, let it go, take it in and trust that everything will be okay even if it takes a while to see good things happen just work with passion and believe. I go by that everyday of my life. I want to thank my mother for being my friend, my supporter. I love you Mom!!
I dedicate this to all the artists out there.
Always believe!


  1. this brings out the child/imagination in me! one of my favorites for sure.

  2. Oh, how I love this! You've captured my imagination-wonderful.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)


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