Tuesday, May 12, 2009


pen and ink on wood
Friendship- The importance of friendship. I had a friend, her name was Ilka from Germany. I met her at a cafe called Pick Me Up in Manhattan located in the east village. A funny name Pick Me Up ay! Well, it was many years ago. And I wonder where she is. She was my best friend. I think about her from time to time. We lost contact when I moved to PR and stayed for 6yrs. I tried searching for her but She's no where to be found. She was a lovely friend who I will never forget and hope that one day I find her. She was someone who I can talk openly with and feel no judgement or socially profiled. She was cool, sweet, down to earth, moody, funny and extremely talented. She was an artist herself. I thought about her and painted this piece. I miss her! It's wonderful to have great friends. Sometimes life gives us changes circumstances we do not expect, but lovely changes helps us grow see things at a totally different light. We grow up! Sometimes those changes pulls us in a different direction and during those changes we loose those we love but are always embedded in our hearts.
Here's to friendship!!


  1. I love your work!! And, I especially love your header. Thanks for finding me on etsy. I can't wait to see what you list in your shop.

    Please feel free to give me a heads up.


  2. Hola! vengo del blog de cecilia varela.... me gustan mucho tus dibujos....sobre todo este y el de la cabecera. un saludillo

  3. Why don't you try googling her name or looking her up on facebook? My boyfriend has found lots of childhood friends there.....and a friend of mine found his estranged daughters there!

    Good luck.

    Love your art.



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