Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimming in pools of fish

done in gouache gesso charcoal on kraft paper on wood block
protected with fixative

Last night I had a dream I was under water with all these beautiful fish but the thing is, they all had human faces. They were calm and colorful. I have to say I'm scared of the water. Afraid to even dive in. I don't know how to swim. Thinking some sea monster would come and pull me down. When I was young I almost drowned twice since then I've been afraid of water but I am willing to conquer the fear I promised myself I would. You see, I respect the sea! There is a total different world under there. There is magic and hidden treasures and all these amazing creatures that have a life of their own. I get disgusted when there is garbage in the sea just waste and toxic oil that kill all living thing. They have the right to live a life free of polluted waste and crap floating staining the water . When I went to Cape Cod one early in the morning to see the sun rise I felt so peaceful. The sweet smell of the sea showered me with bliss.


  1. you are a jewel. i can't tell you enough- you're probably gonna get sick of it- but i'm so glad we are connected in this life. have a beautiful day!!!

  2. Ay muchacha, you've done it again. I love it. I know what you're saying about the sea, but I live in the desert of Southwestern U.S. and the desert has wonderful life too. It is also a dumping ground for people and I hate it when I take walks out into the desert and come across beer bottles and cans, and just plain trash. I've seen people on the road throwing out of their moving vehicles, dirty diapers, fast food bags and cups, just about anything...what's that about!!!

    Anyway, love the painting, as usual. Have a great weekend with your familia and take care.


  3. oh what a beautiful painting and story of how it came to be!
    i LOVE it!
    so inspiring!

  4. I love this painting! I had a fear of water when I was young also but I now feel like you!


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