Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stop thinking!

done in acrylic gesso pen and ink on 3x3 wood block against wood back drop

'' Stop thinking ''
These 3x3 pieces are lovely!
Don't you get tired of thinking so much? my god!
I been doing a lot of that lately think think think.
Giving my mind a rest would do me some good and a vacation to Tuscany or Greece
Oooh yes, sounds real good!

This piece is not done yet. I was thinking of adding words into the backdrop in black ink running down the wood. I like that! let see what else I come up with. I will show you at the end of week.


  1. YES!!!! Constantly spinning the wheels! There are days when I wish my thoughts had an off button! Great piece! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Oh, can't wait to see the finished product, heck, I like them like that!! Yes, my brain feels like a gerbil on a wheel sometimes...spinning, spinning, spinning!!


  3. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. just when i think i have a favorite, you go and top it! these are wonderful- love the hands!!!

  4. Love, love these pieces!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I have days like that all the time!!

  5. these are absolutely wonderful! and i just love the small 3x3" size....they look great hanging together, minds spinning, just thinking away!! :)

  6. I think I have to have this when it is finished..totally awesome!!!

  7. we are destined to be in italy...i have some "hamster wheel" art just screaming...get off the hamster wheel dummy!!! thank you for sharing!!!

  8. WOW!!! You really captured how I feel all the time!!!! I LOVE IT! You constantly amaze me! I agree with everyone, especially Mystele and suziart!

  9. More three blocks 0f 3x3 are in progress and I'm enjoying these very much. When you channel your thinking through art it does make difference after wards. Too much thinking just gets in the way. Thanks guys for all your awesome comments!!

  10. They look just like I feel sometimes.


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