Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My morning Journal

Do you know that too much thinking slows the process of your life? Yip! it sure does. It paralyze you, makes you tired and irritable. Sometimes too much thinking can drive you up the all. I mean really, it's so exhausting.

For me too much thinking is when I find myself obsessing about how to be less this and more that. Trying to change certain things I dislike can be so much pressure, is like telling yourself to stop smoking because eventually falling ill will creep up soon and it's just a horrible habit. So you tell yourself to stop but meanwhile you end up smoking more. And you dislike it so much!

When I tell myself to stop worrying, I worry more. I wonder if I have OCD! I obsess about things that are sometimes ridiculous. So my boyfriend last night tells me, Magaly understand that you being emotional is who you are and trying to change that won't work, just accept it. I love it!! he says. And if you find yourself fixating on one thought, then stop yourself. But to try to change something that will always be part of your personality, won't work to change that. It is who you are, that's it. And what it boils down to at the end is balancing and accepting it.

So too much thinking about how to be better on certain things can be draining. When I find myself not thinking about anything and focus on what's important, I do have to say, it makes a difference. I feel much lighter and happier.

1 comment:

  1. I think I know exactly what you mean; the more I think about something I want to change, the more things I come up with that I think I need to change and it just goes on and on (kinda like this sentence) haha. Thanks for sharing this; your art is fantastic!!


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