Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The sweet fun colors of the day!

Done in acrylic gesso on rough brown paper on wood block
Protected with fixative and varnished

The sweet fun colors of the day
I don't do much landscape and I'm thinking Of creating a series of them, it's different from all the the other paintings that I've done. As you can see here I love to keep it whimsical, there is so much fun with nature that the thought of whimsy fits right in. Nature is whimsy, there's just so much going on.


  1. oh my gosh. can't even write how appealing this is to me. the line, the color, the houses and trees.

  2. oh, yes....a series of these would be fabulous! i really love the whimsical feel of this! :)

  3. love it darling...your whimsical style is so fantastic...keep it up!! series??? i love series!!

  4. your work just glows and makes me so happy! thank you for sharing your talents!

  5. Oh this is so vibrant and fun! I recently started trying landscapes too...this one is so sweet~!

  6. Such a wonderful colour land. I want to live there! Your art is always stunning, I wish I could buy your Itsy Bitsy header art on Etsy. I drool over how beautiful it is. Who ever manages to buy that painting will be so blessed indeed!
    I wanted to let you know, to give you a boost as your art is totally and utterly special!

  7. A long time ago I saw an article in a magazine about a fabric artist that appliqued folk art scenes on blankets and wall hangings and such. Her style was very bright and whimsical and I really liked it. But I have to say I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. I can imagine your painting done in fabric too. You are soooooo talented.


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