Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whimsical play of childhood and innocence!

These beauties are done in gouache gesso charcoal on 140lb 4x5 watercolor paper

Whimsical play of childhood and innocence

I had so much fun creating these little guys. I love them!
I love painting portraits of people and children. There's so much beauty in gestures, movement and face expressions that fascinates me.

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything just flopped everything went wrong. First my computer did not want to corporate, my friend betrayed me, that was painful, my Insurance does not cover seeing a fertility specialist, two paintings came out like crap, the gallery owner changed his address and number so I can't contact him or get my paintings out of his gallery, my paintings are in Porto Rico. Just one of those dam days!! I wanted to scream but didn't, I wanted to get sooo angry but I did not allow myself, I wanted to cry but I won't. I just sat there thinking, trying to contain my emotions. I couldn't anymore so I just wrote a letter to myself. What lingered most in my mind was my friend who I love betraying me the way she did. So I cried about that. The rest well, I thought I will find a way but first I need to take care of myself and that is to be kind to myself, no matter what else life tends to throw at me.

Today, how do I feel? real good, it's another day. As far as my friend, I wish her the best and I will always remember her. When you are far away people change and I need to accept that.


  1. Sarah Kiser has had the problem with art galleries similar to you. I think that art galleries are having an hard time at the moment and doing these things to keep their head above water. I do hope they will be good with you and get in contact soon. So awful to be the one who gets hurts. So sorry you have had to go through this.
    On a great note, I love your latest art, super fantastic!

  2. So sorry to hear about your bad day. I too had a very close friend who betrayed me and it was one of the most painful things I've ever dealt with. Like you, it just stayed with me and I couldn't believe she would do that to me. Well, I'm glad you're feeling better today and your paintings are so adorable. They are so playful. Love them.

  3. Magaly, you are killing me here! hahaha!! I love these far TOO much! I want them! Going to check out your shop now and keep my fingers crossed they'll stay put until I find some money! You're amazing!

  4. Geez, I am sorry you had such a terrible day! I am so glad that you are feeling better now. You have such a great attitude! Sometimes I have to remind myself that as long as my loved ones are happy and healthy, that's all that matters in the world...About your new painting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It is colored with so much joy! It amazes me how fast you can paint these wonderful works of art!

  5. i appreciate your honesty so much and the way your heart spills onto the canvas. your art is so full of LIFE. thank you for being part of my world. i'm glad you're doing better! ♥

  6. Ouch, bad day indeed! Hang in there and chin up! Not all relationships are meant to last forever. The pain will go away eventually and you have a great attitude about the whole situation! I love, love, love the paintings! The colors are brilliant and the expressions are fab! Great work!

  7. I just found your wonderful etsy shop! I'm always the last to know about such things. :( Lovin' your paintings!!!

  8. I'm soooo sorry you had such an awful day, especially when you add the betrayal of a dear friend...that's the worst. It is a brand new day and you're blessed with so many people who love you. I call bad situations fish heads...someday I'll tell you where that came from, but keep your head up and create, create, create...don't allow those "fish heads" to float back up into your life.

    Muchos abrazos!!!

  9. loving your artwork darling...i am in the throws of "a project a day for thirty days" is forcing me into new ideas...loving that...your artwork is inspiring..thank you!!


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