Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty of freedom and curious eyes of wonder

done in acrylic on 140lb cold press watercolor paper- 9x12

This piece is not on wood When I take a break to have coffee, I love to sit in the direction where I can see all the trees and hear the sounds of birds displaying play, song and their freedom to fly anywhere they want. It makes me wonder what it would feel like to have wings and fly as high as you can and the freedom to explore new adventure else where without taking an airplane.


  1. when i read your blog and see your art in your etsy shop i know you are flying free on a wonderful creative journey! look at all the pieces you've created just in the last 3 months or so!! keep it up, dear friend!!

  2. It's a beautiful painting and your children books are amazing!

  3. You really captured the feeling! and love the colors but then again I love all your work!

  4. i just adore your artwork (i wish i could fly without an airplane, too....i don't like them too much!)! and, your accordion books are absolutely fabulous!! :)

  5. Fabulous, beautiful! Your art is so inspiring, I always feel so happy visiting your blog!


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