Friday, August 14, 2009

My Accordion children's books

Trickle trickle
Here comes the rain, just another beautiful day.
A morning for coffee with toast and Jam.
Meow meow, here comes my cat Sam.
He clamors up a screech for a fish and chicken toast treat
and I boil two eggs for me to eat.

A morning to shower to start my day.
Sun in hiding
rain rain rain

Is dark and gloomy
I hear some birds sing
I gather my Brushes
and organize my things

A day to paint and make a colorful mess
I feel my angels sitting by my desk

A morning for fun
I gather up my books
What else can I add
I think, I'm done

They're colorful and small with pretty pictures and all.....
for your eyes to see
Accordion books made by me

They're wacky, they're fun
would you like one
I have more, I'll make some
A beautiful gift for you or for the one you love.

So come take a look
A whimsical dream to tantalize you.

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