Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mother nature

Mother nature!

Mother nature seems to be a bit temper mental this summer! I tell you the weeping hasn't stop. But, I actually like it. I like to think she's washing away all the sorrows and impurities of the earth. Though some flowers aren't doing so well. They all seem to be a bit choked up by the amount of water they're getting. My fushia, my fushia has been so sad. All her petals are dying, well it could be that I move her so much so she can get the best shade but it isn't working. I miss the humming bird coming by. The mosquito's around here are having a blast sucking away and I'm all bitten. You should see my arm! It's awful. Oh and my legs! Not only that, I went to the pool to learn how to swim and maybe considering taking a swim at the lake. Well yesterday afternoon the swimming was a bit funny. while I was learning a horse fly started to attack me and like a little girl I get out of the pool and start running for my life, the little bastard! Can I have a day of peace without the pesty insects wanting a bite of me, DAM IT!! Same thing going for a walk in the woods as if they know I'm coming laughing how ridiculous I am, ha! The neighbors think I might be out of my mind watching this woman running like mad on the dirt road. Anyways enough about that. How is everyone doing? creating and having fun! Oh yes, I will be doing that today. I need paper. I'm going to my favorite art store. I hope the have the paper I need. The last time I went they did not have any and I was sad but instead I got more paint yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully today will be the day......PAPER.

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  1. Have a wonderful, creative day. I wish Mother Nature would do a little weeping around here...too hot!!! I too intend to reenter my safe and fun sanctuary today...I've completed so many things already and need to start on some new projects for my ETSY.



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