Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love is always full of beautiful colors- mother and daughter


done in acrylic charcoal on 100% white rag paper 18x24
sprayed with fixative and matt varnish
This paper is great for all mediums and it's acid free- I love the texture but I do love 140lb cold press the best. I really enjoy working with this paper great size. They even have a bigger one but I think I'll wait for that until we move to our house in October which is pretty soon, that means that I can decorate my home with all the lovely works I have bought on Etsy and there will be more to buy soon. Can't wait!! The artsy itsy bitsy spill house full of colors. To have other wonderful artists I admire so much hanging on my walls, inspires me and makes me happy. And what I will do is take pictures of them all in my house.

This reminds me I need to call my mother today!! I been thinking about her all week. Hmmmmm! I know she's thinking about me, I can sense her thinking about me. I will call her this evening. I love talking to my mom, we can talk for hours. She's my best friend!!

This piece is called
Love is always full of wonderful colors- Mother and Daughter


  1. Another beautiful piece.

    A new home,,,,how exciting! Will you be able to paint all the colors you want to? I see peach colors and oranges in your future.

  2. I do this with my mum. We even have similar dreams or dream something the other is doing.
    Great to be so connected with your mom!
    Love the art, such a lovely hug! Your art is always beautiful!

  3. How cool! A new house, I love decorating and making a house a home - I can just imagine how colorful it will be!
    (and of course I love this painting too.)

  4. I love this one. I have a daughter who I miss terribly...she lives in Austin, TX now with my 4 little guys. Will be seeing her in 2 weeks...can't wait!! We also have long conversations and sometimes, she doesn't come up for air, so I listen a lot too!! LOL


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