Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A kiss from the fish king and Me!

Hello everyone!! Are you creating today? I hope so! I just finished this piece! I feel my fingers are about to fall off from painting so much. I love it!! So I'm going to relax and do some cleaning around here. Maybe go out perhaps hmmmm! I feel like going to the art store, yep! That's what I will do. I will leave you with this wonderful piece of A KISS FROM THE FISH KING! aND A KISS FOR YOU! MUA MUA!
Done in acrylic on 100% white rag paper -18x24
A kiss from the fish king!


  1. Cute blog...popped over from another and just think your art is lovely. I hope you enjoy the art store :) Happy day, Jackie

  2. This is wonderful! Gives me a relaxing feeling!

  3. Oh, this one is beautiful! Great job! You have such wonderful creativity. I love all your work :)

  4. Magaly, hablas español??...
    Adoro tu trabajo; tus personajes y tus colores, son un sueño y una delicia...

  5. love the piece...thanks for sharing it with me!!! and you are even leaving the house? you do rock!

  6. Hola, the painting, of course, and wish you a wonderful day..have fun shopping. I think I'll do the same...need some more acrylic finish. Will be sending your little package out today...I hope you enjoy it.

    Abrazos y muchos besos,

  7. A big hug for you Magali, I adore your art!!


  8. i just love your work.thank you for sharing.Cat

  9. oh gives me such a good feeling! Beautiful!


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