Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My new home and new paintings!!

Done in mix media collage and acrylic on watercolor paper-7x8
A day for a colorful adventure!

Done in mix media collage and acrylic on watercolor paper-7x8
Pieces of me!

Done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper-7x8
Frida's charm and colorful style!

Magaly Ohika

My home!

This my new pup. Her name is Brooke
Sweet girlie girl!

My cat, Sammy! Oooh Sammy ain't too happy!

My home '' THE ART STUDIO ''

Brooke taking a morning nap. And I'm listening to Etta James- My heart is wrapped up in clover!

That's it folks, till next time, soon very soon!!


  1. What a beautiful life you have!

  2. Beautiful paintings!!Your new home is so nice!
    I adore Etta James, I usually hear her songs when I'm painting :)

  3. oh, magaly...you are a beauty! i love your new home! thank you so much for sharing where you are working now, and the new paintings are splendid!

  4. Love your babies and your home! You are a lovely lady!

  5. Ay Magaly, que lindo todo! I love the landscape and your new little abode...love it, love it, love it. As for your new little addition to the family, Brooke is adorable...and Sammy will acclimate soon...you know how cats are!!!?? As for your new work...wonderful as usual.

  6. So beautiful your world, your place, your art. You are a lovely person.
    I love your art.

    Best regards from Ecuador!

  7. Love your artwork and I'm sure you'll create many more fantastic pieces in you great studio!
    Warmest Regards,

  8. Hi Magaly! Thanks for your commente in my blog, your work is so beautiful! Congratulations!


  9. I LOVE this post!
    I love the paintings! Great Frida!
    Love your home, (I've been wanting a roof just like that!)
    Adore your critters! (Of course)
    And nice to see a photo of you - You're BEAUTIFUL! -If I wasn't so happy for you, I'd be jealous! Ha! Ha!

  10. What more is there to say? I agree with everyone above...love it all.


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