Thursday, October 1, 2009

The sweet colors that represents my life!

This piece is done in acrylic on watercolor paper transfer to a wood panel cradled with a baltic birch face - 12x12

The sweet colors that represents my life!

Hello!! Well let me tell you was going on, hmmmmm! Well I'm moving and I have so much stuff. I really hate the moving part but the moving into a new home is exciting, yep! That means I been busy busy and painting painting at the same time. I been commissioned to create four pieces. I haven't been posting much but the holidays are coming that means lots of beautiful work coming for my itsy bitsy Etsy shop. This weekend I set my big table with lots of paints, paper, canvas, brushes and decorative paper I just bought art Micheal's art craft store. And by the way, I need to tell you all that I just adopted a sweet chocolate German short hair pointer. she's two months and very cute but has a horrible cough, so off she goes to the vet tomorrow. My cat Sammy isn't too thrilled with her. They are both sleeping right now. It's October and it's getting very chilly. I just got rid off a horrible cold and Maggie doesn't like it when she gets sick I can't paint. I'm miserable when I'm sick but my hubby gave me some tea and soup and lots of love to cure me. And off I went to paint, yippie!!!!!!!!


  1. Whoa! Are YOU busy!!! AND a new puppy AND a new house AND you still create this fabulous painting! You boggle my mind! I need some of that tea or is it in the soup?

  2. wonderful painting,,,,,,,,,,and a new puppy! Wow, so glad you adopted! ..maybe kennel cough, poor doggy.

  3. Your art, your colours are magic, make me dream...
    Thanks for that.
    I'm fan


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