Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working through things together- As a Team!

Done acrylic on 100% rough white rag paper- 24x30
Working through things together- AS A TEAM!

I simply adore and in love with this piece!
George and I have this thing where we do things as a team - the house, the dog, the cleaning, the organizing, the laundry, the taking turns in cooking when I'm tired or working on a project. And I find it works very well. It makes life a little easier. Sometimes I do the house chores when he's tired and want to lay low doing his organizing or fixing things around the house - that part I don't do. He's a genius in putting things together. I call him an artist too! Yesterday was a day I did some cleaning and cooking. I love cooking and cleaning the house! It feels so much better when everything is organize put in it's place. A clean house my life feels wonderful. The puppy is sure a handful I tell you - when not looking she finds things to chew on. We a training her! She lets me know when it's time poop poop and pee pee! If not she will sit beside me by the table and bark! I want to be let out, need to go you know! So we go for a long walk and play for a bit. We bought some chewy toys for her but she insists in going upstairs to the bedroom and play with this particular black bra. Going fast around in circles trying to catch my bra coiled around her neck. I laugh just looking at her go nutts and having fun but no no no! Then she chases Sammy the cat and Sammy doesn't want to play rough or be barked at. So she goes after him and so he plays with her- playing his favorite game called hide and go seek and then he leaps and pounds on her. But she doesn't like that game! So they both get bored and fall asleep! I guess Sammy won the game! It does get crazy at times but it's great to watch them interact. Sometimes they play by themselves or I play with them acting either like a dog or a cat and they look at me and wonder is she a weirdo or what!


  1. lovely artistic intrepretation of working as a team, I love it!

  2. Love this piece -very clever and a great representation. Your blog made me laugh - love those animals and their particular ways.

  3. Of course, mi amiga, wonderful work. I love the fact that you and your honey do things as a team...my sweet man and I do the same and at the the end of the day, our favorite time, we just together on the couch, have a cocktail, talk and then watch some t.v. Ok, we're old, but we love being together so much. Have a wonderful day and glad to hear the doggie is potty trained...I swear, they're easier to potty train than a child!!!!! LOL

  4. Hi Magaly, I come via Georgina's blog and just stopped by to look at your wonderful blog. It's great and I'll have to backtrack and read some of your posts. Georgina said your blog was great and I agree. Have a great rest of the week. I'll be back to read after dinner. :D Take care.

  5. It sounds like you have a happy life full of art and love. I agree, I love when everything is clean and put away (though it never seems to be that way!) I loved reading about your little animal family, I know that my "herd" makes me laugh everyday (and scream sometimes too!) You are fortunate to have a good partner that shares chores and is "handy", I sometimes think it would be nice to have someone to "share" stuff with - especially someone "handy"! But most times I'm so busy with things I don't know where I could squeeze someone into my life! ---
    I love the painting and how your mind works to create such great work! Amazing!

  6. this is ny new favorite piece of yours!! love it. i'm also enjoying hearing tales of your puppy. so fun. i'm yearning to get anew dog but we think maybe wait til spring.

  7. Oh, it's a beautiful painting! Great colours, I love it!


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