Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New paintings on wood boxes and wood panels!

Blending in quite nicely Too!!

Acrylic on wood box

5x15 3 inches deep

A bit about me!

As a Puerto Rican growing up in Alphabet City on the lower east side of Manhattan, I was inspired by the art around me. I have always wanted to be an artist. My mother used to take me around to places where I could see street vendors selling their art. I could see art through the gallery windows. I would drink up the art in children’s books, but mostly I found my art in my own imagination. I would sit in the park and imagine Roads in the sky. I would ride across the ocean on a fish bird. I would bring things to life and I would give them a soul. After attending the High School of Art and Design I went to F.I.T. where I majored in illustration, fine arts and toy design. I have dabbled in the toy industry and worked as an illustrator but I find that creatively home is where all the fun begins - at my drawing table letting my mind wander while my brush documents on canvas.

I’m shading in quite nicely

Acrylic on wood box

5x15 3inches deep

In collage acrylic on wood panel with Baltic birch face


Sweet memories

In collage acrylic mix media on wood panel with Baltic birch face


Hide and go Seek

Acrylic on wood panel with Baltic birch face


That's me relaxing on the couch
Taking a break from my art studio!

That's brook sleeping - she's played all day with her boyfriend the Rottweiler Ottis


  1. Magaly, you are beautiful and your beauty shines in your artistic ways. what a great family pet member Brook is. How sweet, resting like the mama. Take care :D

  2. I love everything as usual! It's so nice to read a little bit about you. So cool to understand where the bird-fish come from! LOL! I wish I had gone to art school! It would have been so exciting to learn different skills. I have pretty much just taught myself by watching, reading and experimenting!
    Your puppy Brook is growing up! What a sweetie! Love her!!! Take care!- Cindi

  3. OMG! Magaly! I just read you comment to my last post! Don't let Brook eat grapes! They can be just as deadly as chocolate! Thank goodness she's OK. Take Care! - Cindi


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