Monday, December 28, 2009

A new year 2010 Celebrate and explore greater heights

Attention art lovers a new year is approaching year 2010 - That's right!! So celebrate!!
This adorable piece is in ink mounted on bristol paper and collage.
Explore greater heights!
This piece is done in mix media collage acrylic with a cute postcard in envelope just for you!


  1. Very nice Magaly. I like the way your work in ink looks. Happy New Years to you. Take care and smile.:D

  2. I can hardly wait for 2010! I have big plans! I vow to open my Etsy shop and I will fill it with dolls, collage paintings and vintage finds!
    I love your little guy announcing 2010!
    I've joined up as a follower on your new blog!- SO EXCITING!!!

  3. It is always a delight to visiting to your virtual home, is full of beauty and positive energy ...
    Have a 2010 full of light.
    Big hug


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