Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi Everyone, Heart necklaces are here!

My heart necklaces " Heart yourself " prices will go up February first.

I'm back with new creations! First I took some time off to freshen up and came up with inspiring ideas I had in mind and I came out with these beautiful heart necklaces with print inside sheet . They make such beautiful gifts or you can just heart yourself with a heart necklace of your own.
I call this items
Heart yourself!
A handmade beautiful whimsical Accessory to warm your heart.
These are all made of decorative fabric, wool thick and thin yarn with whimsical buttons and charms. As you can see down below I added the button where you can easily pull out and slip in the loop. The necklace hangs nicely around neck line. The heart is stuffed with poly fill measures 1 inch wide and 2inch long and yarn chain 17" Come heart yourself with a heart necklace or you can heart someone you love!


  1. Great idea!!! They are all so beautiful!!

  2. I ADORE those necklaces!!!
    I got your prints today! Awesome!
    Beautiful! They made me SO HAPPY!
    You are so great!
    Thanks again! - Cindi

    I'm off to go check out your shop again and see what else you've added!

  3. They are beautiful!!
    Thanks for your visit :)

  4. Magaly, I love it. This is so adorable and very different from what's out there, but you are very different and out there...love it!! LOL Take care, my friend.


  5. love these necklaces! they are beautiful!


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