Friday, January 8, 2010

I smell love!

These wood block pieces are done in mix media collage acrylic 4x5 ready for your walls at home.
I smell love!

Yes, love love - AMORE!
Who can't live without love, no one! I can't live without love - love is what makes my existence whole. Love is what makes my art come alive. Love is what makes me warm and happy. Love is what makes me breathe everyday. Yes love love - Amor Amore is what makes me wake up in the morning. Love is what makes me create. Love is what makes me connect to love ones. Love is what makes me dance naked in the moon light listening to Turkish chanting feeling you want to burst and share with the world how it feels to be taken by it's beauty - leaving you wanting for more because it feels too dam good. Yes love love!!


  1. I love these paintings. You must have a lot of l love because your paintings are lovely.:D Have a great weekend.

  2. I smell love...and it stinks!
    LOL! JUST kidding! (I've had a couple of bad heartbreaks in my past that sometimes makes me a little cynical) but I LOVE my friends and family and all my critters and YOUR art and ... yeah, your right!

  3. OMG, I love it!!! I too love love, but only for my honey!!! LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend and stay must be very cold where your at.

    Muchos besos y abrazso,

  4. These are wonderful.

    Renee xoxo


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