Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today's paintings

These are done on wood - medium- mix media decorative Indian thin rice paper and acrytlic 5x5

A splash of colors

feeling the Groove!

I just had to take a picture of this. He's so adorable!! He's on the couch napping away while brook goes for a long long walk. You see Brook likes to take over the couch and Sammy gets real upset then he naps on my chair then I move him to another chair and George picks him up and lay's him on the floor then Brook wakes up and starts chasing him around no no Sammy doesn't like this. So he goes upstairs to the bedroom and sleeps. Now he's napping peacefully while Brook is on play time outside.


  1. Incredible textures, beautiful work.
    Your cat is so cute...

  2. I love that rice paper. I have some paper that a friend sent me and I've got to get on it and paint. Lot of great texture in your painting. Awesome. Take care.

  3. I like the texture of the rice paper!
    I LOVE the pic of poor Sammy, finally able to get some peaceful sleep! My kitties go through that too, being chased all around the house by the dogs! They usually go downstairs where their food is safe and their "boxes" are away from intruding dogs. Or they go upstairs where MY bed is gated off from the dogs, and sleep in the sun!

  4. these look great on the rice paper your work is so refreshing.....x

  5. Pretty paintings! Last Tuesday your print arrived to my home, great!!! Thanks for your gifts :)

  6. What a beautiful blog and your work is wonderful.

    Renee xoxo


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