Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living life as an artist!

I'm having soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!
I just finished this piece this morning. And love how it turned out. I absolutely love mix media.
A combination of things all put together so nicely. Hey guys thanks for all your lovely comments here.
I enjoy sharing my work with all you beauties. Art keeps me sane, without it I don't know what I would do. When I was a little girl all I would do is doodle all day and my mother would get a phone call from my teacher complaining that I did not want to do work but paint and sketch. I was 5 year old. And she said, Magaly you need to also do your homework mi amor para cuando seas grande puedas ir a una escuela de arte. So when you get older you can go to a bigger art school. And so I did!


  1. Love your art! I'm a new fan and happy to have acquired one of your pieces today. Your whimsical style really sings to me.

  2. Love this piece...and all your work! I enjoy coming to your blog and seeing your work...it brightens my day and makes me want to go to the studio! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. I LOVE all your pieces Magaly!! Art keeps me sane as well....lol!

  4. Hello Magaly

    Well Ive had to add you to my follow list as I just love this blog!! Your work is very inspiring, I adore it! Funny you should write about your teachers saying that to your Mum, my parents once went to an open evening at my school and the math teacher showed them my books - full of drawings and doodles and hardly an algebra equation in sight!! hahaa!!

    Lovely to find you today, will visit again soon
    Love Julia x x x

  5. Wunderbar, dahlinc'!!!!! Love it!!


  6. I know what you mean about Art keeping you sane. There are nights when I get home from my "Day Job" and I am just exhausted, yet I still have my "chores" that must be done at home (so that the house doesn't turn into a pigsty!) So even when I don't have time to "create" something, it helps if I take a moment to jot and sketch down a few ideas. And also I get my art "fix" by visiting your beautiful blog! Love ya! - Cindi

  7. your art simply makes me HAPPY!
    i adore your style.
    very fun!

    look at that... even at five your heart was leading you! very neat!


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