Monday, February 1, 2010

My itsy bitsy heart made of yarn and felt

These itsy bitsy Handmade heart necklaces are done in felt, wool and nylon colorful yarn. The cord is made of hemp with loop that slips nicely around button. 
Valentine is just around the corner!! - These heart necklaces make a lovely gift and a gift for yourself as well

About me today, as I mention in my other post just below this one  - I been busy with a number of things. One, my surgery is also right around the corner on February 19th. It was decided by my Doctor to have this done as soon as possible. And to tell you the truth I am nervous and a bit scared about it. There is a possibility I might lose my uterus entirely and I'm keeping my fingers cross that it won't. I want to have a child! I'm staying positive and keeping busy working  on my art. The days and months are going by so quickly and here we are in Feb.  
I also want to discuss and apologies for not updating  my second blog called itsy bitsy doodle. And really I should have waited a little bit longer due to all that is happening right now I feel I have neglected my blog and you - so forgive me please and don't forget me. Trying to remain so focus and not worry myself to death. I'm painting like crazy to channel everything with love and patients. But sometimes fear can get a hold of you and the only thing one can do is breathe and keep going and know that that you are blessed. I remind myself of that everyday and smile and say it will be okay. I want to thank you for all your lovely comments and inspiration. It's wonderful to have an empire of beautiful talented artists supporting each other the way we do.
Here's to all of you who make the days brilliantly special!  

And before I forget. For those who don't know about Etsy love and technorati - please take a look! It's a wonderful way to get your art out there and share it a with body of buyers and art Community. Take a look! 


  1. Oh My Dear One, please don't worry about ItsyBitsyDoodle! and don't worry about keeping up with blogs. Channel your energy into your happy positive art! I will say many prayers for you that all goes well. Let others do the worrying for you and focus on beautiful thoughts! You are such a sweet and generous woman besides being a fabulous artist! There is NO chance that you will be forgotten if you take a little time off for yourself. You just think of yourself for a change and set aside as many concerns as you can! You will be in my thoughts and prayers Magaly!
    Your friend XOXOXOXO! - Cindi

  2. Tienes un blog muy bonito, y me encantan tus trabajos ¡son geniales!


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