Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hellooooooooooo Everyone!Here are my Itsy Bitsy Spill art pouches and I love them!

Here they are, full of vivid colors and whimsy spring play!
It was such a wonderful project and there is more to come in other sizes as well.
These itsy bitsy spill art pouches are done on canvas fabric, decorative fabric, acrylic,  charcoal protected with fixative which protects the painting and adds a beautiful shine to it. I'm so proud of these beauties! 
These beauties are 5x7 with colorful zippers. I will be making more of them in a longer bigger size for pencils, anything you want to store inside I will have soon! I will surprise you! In the mean time take a look and enjoy!
These will be available today at 12pm on Etsy!!
I have a title for each one of them, so scroll down and take a peek!

Love of spring

My beautiful wild flowers bloom!

A summer of whimsy play!

Play time in green spring!

And last but not least
Blossoming friendship!


  1. Hi Magaly,
    Your package arrived and the paintings are WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for sending them as well as the lovely prints. Magic, magic, magic all. My husband sends his thanks as well. He was giggling as much as I as we opened them. Best to you always,
    Chris in WA
    Oh, love the new bags. Great idea.

  2. I just love them, it is hard to pick my favorite!!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!


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