Thursday, March 25, 2010

A lovely day to go art shopping yesssssssssssss!!

Hello! it's been a really busy week but fun fun for me, then again, it's always fun!!!  
I must go soon but I want to leave with soon to be pouchies and I have severals and they are all on my facebook. I will post them here tomorrow morning but for now I will leave you with two. Both of these pieces  are created in acrylic charcoal on canvas fabric and soon made into a pouch, fun fun part! I will be out and about today going on an art supplies spree, yep! I love going to art stores, I get lost there and I can't get out!
I have another surprise but that will be for tomorrow as well. So much I want to share. I been so busy that is the reason I have not posted early this week. And I want to give thanks for enjoying my work and loving my new pouchies. I heard yesterday that my pouchies are really called clutches not a pouch but I think I'm sticking with pouchies. I like the sound of that! 
Oh and more Alice in wonderland pouchies too!!

Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow!!


  1. I love this new work, I will check out your pouchies (name which I LOVE by the way) after posting here - the top one is my favourite, perhaps Im drawn to it as Im working on a piece of art with a large gingery marmalade cat in it myself!

    Sending you love, hope you had fun shopping!

    Julia x x x

  2. love the colors...such beautiful pieces!

  3. I do love the pouchie with the cat!!! I will be keeping an eye on your shop for more of your great art.
    Shopping spree for art supplies...BLISS!

    Jacky xox

  4. I love the name pouchies, too! Keep it! And this one speaks to me...I have 5 kitties..all rescued.