Thursday, March 18, 2010

A lovely day to take a walk and write in the sunshine!

I'm back! Here are my new creations. Done in acrylic charcoal on canvas fabric and lining decorative fabric with colorful zipper. Size is 5 wide and 12 inches long great for pencils color pencils or you can add anything inside except a journal book of course which I'm working on right as we speak. I'm making a bigger pouch! And it's absolutely fun. I creating a pouch with Alice in Wonderland characters and the red queen wins the show. I love her! I love the red queen when she say off with their heads! So hilarious! I thought she was brilliant and she was my first favorite and The Mad Hatter was my second favorite. I love all the characters! Alice I love for her bravery! My Alice in Wonderland pouch delivers a story with wonderful brilliant colors and composition all characters in one setting having a bit of drama.

My first pouch is called 
Going for a nice stroll to the park!

And I will back tomorrow with more goodies!

This one is called
Little bird sings to me!

I love this one!
A beautiful day to drink in the beauty!


  1. i NEED a beautiful day to drink in the beauty!
    THIS was my day yesterday..
    seriously....look at my post about it.
    i.m heading over to your etsy store.

  2. WoW! Magaly! I know that I keep posting that you are Fabulous...But you ARE!
    I LOVE EVERYTHING! Beautiful work!


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