Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me art and the women here that make my days special.

Magaly Perez Ohika
Sometimes I like to upload a photo of me. So here I am, this is me!
The woman who creates all these beautiful things for all of you to see and enjoy. I have two goodies to show you right here on The itsy bitsy spill. You know it's raining out here today but it's beautiful. It's the type of day where I want to eat Indian food, yes I'm in the mood to go out! To kick back and enjoy the moment. It can get lonely here sometimes. And I tell you why. Why should it feel lonely sometimes? Well I do have my family which is my George and my animals but what I'm talking about is a friend, a really good friend is what I miss around these parts. Someone who you can be yourself with and trust. I have you guys here on bloggy land and it's great!! There is a friend who emails me from Israel and we have a blast. The the thing is we never met but we email each other and speak on the phone once in a while. We just connected and she is an artist. She's like a sister I never had. It feels real nice to be able to talk to someone who's down right real and so down to earth. And I wish she lived near so we can have coffee and chat away and laugh up a storm. I wish all of you lived close by. And have art  work shop day creating drinking tea coffee pastry laughing talking about what we love. But hey I can do that here with you all. You guys are all awesome women smart strong creative warm hearted women who reach out in a inspiring loving way. You guys have all become family to me though we never met. I admire all of you!! Here's to you all with love!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I will show you what I been up to.

I call this bag
A Give love bag!
This is done in decorative fabric - the fabric I used is a sheer olive green and stitched decorate fabric hearts.
Now I want to let you know that the two pieces I added appearing like pockets aren't really pockets. It's a design giving it that trendy and earthy look to the bag. The bag is 8inches tall and 10inches wide.

I call this piece 
Be yourself and free with someone you care and love
Now this piece I did today done in acrylic and charcoal on Canson cold press watercolor paper 12x16


  1. Ohika, all of your pieces are beautiful! All this time I have been enjoying your paintings and now I get to see your sewing creations too, just awesome :)It is so nice to have the support and friendship of all our folks here in blogland, I am very glad I am getting to know you through your work!

  2. Hi Magaly! How beautiful you are; those eyes!! So great to see you and these wonderful pieces you've just made. Have a great day!

  3. words that enrich the soul, like your paintings. Thanks for your art.

  4. you are beautiful!
    and so is that bag.
    love it.

  5. You know what, sometimes I feel like my Blogger friends know me better than people I see everyday. I too wish that all my blog friends lived in a cul de sac with me. (I always wanted to live in a cul de sac like you see on TV) one where we would wave at each other from our porchs and take walks together with our dogs and sit out in the yard and have cocktails and talk about art or flowers or whatever! Sigh....Oh well, at least this way we can check in on each other at whatever time we have available!
    XOXO - Your faraway blog friend,Cindi

  6. Yes it is nice to have support from our "bloggie" friends. I too am thankful to have started blogging and making good friends. Great work on your Give Love bag. Awesome. Oh, your picture is awesome too.:D

  7. Magaly, thanks for stopping by in my blog and for the lovely comment.
    What a cute and creative person you are, love the picture of yours, you´re such a sweet woman and I love all of your works.
    I fully understand what you mean. I also met so wonderful women here on blogspot and how cool it would be to be creative with them together, painting, chatting, cooking, sharing stories and having a laugh. But I´m living in germany/bavaria and to the most of you this is so far away, almost another galaxy! Thank god we can connect via the internet. Here we can meet people we would have never met in real life by coincidence, caue we live all so apart. It doesn´t replace the real thing, that is true - but it still brings so much joy in our lifes.

    Sending a cyberhug your way :)

    xoxo Bettina


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