Thursday, March 4, 2010

The red Queen and others to come and more sets I finished last night! But for now I will give you a peek, just one peek.

 The Red Queen 
has something stored for you hahahahahaha!
Hello hello!!
Want a quick peek of  what I been creating these past few days. Well, here it is and more Alice in Wonderland characters soon right here. I'm a huge lover fan of Tim Burton, always loved his work. He moves me! And I can't wait to see the movie on Saturday. I'm excited! When it comes to Tim, you know I'm there front row seats biting my finger nails because I know I'm in for a ride. Watching the trailer teaser last night, inspired me to create a set of Alice in wonderland characters. This is my first piece and I'm in love!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post.  You all inspire me and your kind words heal me each day!


  1. I just love the vibrancy of the outdid yourself!

  2. How wonderful your Queen! So colorful and *you*, your style!! I can't wait to see that film, too. And I normally do not care about commercial films. :)

  3. Great Red Queen!! Lovely colors and perfect face expression :) Wonderful!!

  4. She is divine! I look for your work every morning after I walk my little dog in the dark and get my cup of coffee. It is a few moments just for me and my love of beautiful art.loveart2

  5. I got your 3 little ladies in the mail and love love love them. I have hung them near my work desk so they can look on me as I do my own artwork.
    this red queen is fabulous. Your use of color is so fantastic. One of my favorite quotes by Alberto Giacometti "the object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity" You do that and I love the world you create. meg

  6. LOVE HER!!! You constantly fill my mornings with colour and joy!!!! You've inspired me to make a doll!!!

    Mucho Carino y abrazos,

  7. Magaly, I've seen a lot of artists different interpretations of the Queen of Hearts and I must say... I love yours the most!
    (and I'm not just saying that, I REALLY mean it!) FANTASTIC!

  8. Hey! My word verification was "sommu" and at first I thought it was "sammy"! How funny that would have been!


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