Friday, April 2, 2010

The Shower of Cards pouch

It's Friday!!
And it's suppose to be real sunny and so beautiful.
I really would love to go on a road trip going to Montreal. I heard is really beautiful out there. I really need a Vacation. Hmminmm, I think I might just plan for that sometime later.

Hello Everyone! Here's another Alice in Wonderland pouch called The Shower Of Cards.
I love love love!! It is done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas and added a red sheer fabric for the back part of the pouch. For the lining I sewed in a thick cushiony cream color cotton fabric and green zipper. I also attached a cute little Alice silver chair to green zipper to make it easy to pull and open.  Size of pouch is 10x13 - 10 inches tall and 13 inches wide great for adding in supplies. It is big enough to even add in a journal, a  paint set to travel or your way to a coffee spot where you can sit in the sun and write or doodle your ideas outside.  I carry my own pouch everywhere I go, never leave home without it. Ideas come to mind all the time and I love to be prepared to add them down on my paper.

I want you all to have a lovely beautiful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
Sending you a sunshine day smile!!


  1. Adorable...I love your pouches!! Have a wonderful weekend and blessed Easter...don't eat too many chocolate bunnies!!


  2. Thank you very much for your comment!!!! Has been very important to me. I can not express my feeling...language is a problem for me. Sorry for
    my english....

  3. Very nice. Enjoy Easter and get out on that outing you want to go on. Take care.

  4. What a great size this pouch is, as you say, would be fantastic to put your little notepade/journal and pens, crayons etc. to note down any ideas that might pop up during the day.

    Have a happy, happy Easter Magaly.

    Jacky xox

  5. Once again - LOVE it!

    Montreal? Hmmm, I've never even thought about Montreal. I'll have to Google it. I'd like to go to ...I'm not even sure what state it is, but maybe it's New Mexico? The mountains they always show in the old cowboy movies.
    and OF COURSE - France! Both the countryside AND Paris. and then some place like Bora Bora, with white sand and Blue Blue water...sigh...
    Hey! Have A HAPPY EASTER!
    XOXO - Cindi
    OH! I almost forgot! Africa! Because I LOVE elephants!

  6. Amazing pouche!! Good Easter :)

  7. I keep checking back for a large, large , large pouchie,,,,hint hint,,, happy easter to my dear art friend. I'm going to the snow lodge to make art on Easter...Yay!

  8. You are just so darn talented and cute as can be too!!!


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