Monday, May 3, 2010


Good Morning Everyone! I have an announcement I'm published in Paper Cloth Scissors yah!!!
I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful magazine. Thank you Barbara!  Saturday when I was in the hospital feeling loopy cause I just had another surgery again yikes! My George comes in with a package hands it to me and I opened it up and there I was. I was so exited!!! The nurses came in pumping me up with more  morphine because the pain was so great. I totally forgot about the pain and felt I was in cloud 9 and all I saw was these smiles up close. I could not stop talking!  I was so proud of myself! I felt I was floating in the air. 
The magazine is wonderful, full of all lovely art from all these great artists and I'm a part of that group. Months ago I thought, how I wish to be part of this,  to show the world what I love what I do. And here I am!
Thank you Paper Cloth Scissors!!!

I want to also thanks all my bloggy friends right here on blogspot and on Facebook - many thanks and many kisses and many air hugs to you all for supporting me the way you do. You guys heal me each day with your warm sweet kind inspiring wisdom and blessings! 
love you all!
You all rock!!!


  1. Oh Magaly, I'm so proud of you...::hugs:: I knew you could do it, you're the best. I hope you are feeling better and that your recovery period will be fast. What a great feat. You will definitely recover fast because you are exited to get on with life. ::sending healing vibes to you:: Take care amiga.

  2. WOW!!!!
    You Wonderful YOU!!!
    I'm so Happy for you!
    You SO deserve it!!!!!
    Sorry to hear that you have been in the hospital and having such awful pain! I am sending you positive thoughts and lots of love!
    XOXO - Cindi

  3. Congratulations Magaly!!!! You are a great artist and now everyone can see your art at this fabulous magazine :) I hope you feel better soon about your surgery.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte!!!!

  4. Congratulations, you so deserve it! I am glad you are feeling better too.

    Make beautiful art!



  5. Magaly - so sorry you were in the hospital and hope you're home and better soon. My wonderful Wonderland picture is now over my sofa in the livingroom and the other is on my mantel. I've taken some pics but haven't downloaded them from my camera yet - but soon - and then I'll email them to you. Feel better soon! Hugs!

  6. Congrats, Magaly! You and your art are getting the exposure you deserve. Feel better soon!

  7. Felicidades!!!! Un abrazo muy grande.

  8. congratulations sweetie...this is wonderful news! I am running right out to pick up my new copy. I will be holding you in my prayers, hope you feel better real soon :)

  9. Hey! It's me again! I ran out on my lunch hour today and went to Borders to get my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors.
    I was so excited! I showed your article to everyone here at work! It's just too cool!
    I'm so happy for you!

  10. I just read the article yesterday--wonderful, and so well deserved--I just love your attitude,and I hope you're on the mend!!

  11. Congratulations, I have the magazine and your article is great. Get well quickly.

  12. i am sooooooo
    excited for you!
    & it is clearly
    well deserved.
    your colorful creations
    are celebrated
    through pages, states & continents!
    clapping & singing!
    &, also
    tenderness & complete healing
    i wish your body. x

  13. You are so good! Can't wait to get my copy! Isn't it fun? (We share something this month!) Pam

  14. oh congratulations!!! that is wonderful...can't wait to receive the new issue. I've been waiting patiently every day!!

  15. I just found your blog thanks to the newest Cloth Paper Scissors. wonderful article!!! and I'm enjoying your art.

  16. Hi Magaly,
    Just been blog surfing and found your blog. A pleasure to follow your creative journey.
    Cheers Rebecca xoxo

  17. congrats! Your artwork is beautiful and you should be super proud!

  18. Congratulations! This is well-deserved! Everyone should know about you. :)

  19. Suzanne Reynolds introduced me to your art- it's fantastic and congratulations on your CPS article. Art heals and hope you feel better soon. Keep journaling.

  20. Hi there! Saw your article in Cloth Paper Scissors, and it's great!! Congrats! Your work is so delightful!!!

  21. Congratulations on such a wonderful piece in deserve all of the accolades....your art rocks!

    Love, violette xo

  22. Congrats! I happened to be thrilled to hear of someone from my old stomping grounds! I used to live in Falls Village amd my son still does...Your work is ebautiful and I am keeping my eye on you! Great work! Gabriela

  23. I love your art! <3
    I found your article in cloth paper scissors and had to check out your blog right away.
    Very inspirational :)

  24. Congratulations!!!! And to know that my friend Heather has this painting, I am so envious!


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