Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kiss and a big hug to you allllllllllllll!

I want to thank you all for leaving wonderful messages on my last post on Paper Cloth Scissors!
You heal me tremendously with your blessings and great humor that spark my days. I'm so happy to have you all as my buddies. You are all great women and gives great joy to share my feelings with you. 

So here I am, I'm back! I took a few days to ease down a bit, to simply relax and paint without the running around making errands and cleaning which I can sometimes obsess about. But This time I felt that everything can wait + my hubby helps get certain things in order. Can you believe it''s Thursday and my May show is coming Wow! I got to speed up now cause time is running short.  

Here's a piece I was working on yesterday on brown paper acid free great for acrylic and charcoal if you want that scratchy dry affect  which I love.
Size of piece 18in.x 24in.
It's called 
Taking care of each other
I have other paintings to post as well and that will be for tomorrow. As for now, I will leave you with this beautiful piece. 
A kiss from me to you!


  1. another wonderful new piece!!!

  2. I love this one!!! Wonderful work!

  3. Oh! Cool piece and I can't hardly wait to see more! I'm sending a Hug and a Kiss right back at ya! XOXO - Cindi
    (glad to hear everything is "moving" along as it should! tee hee!)

  4. oh i love this one!
    love the
    & scratchy dryness
    in it's softy succulance.x

  5. Love can tell they care for one another.

    Sorry I missed the post re: cloth paper scissor. BIG CONGRATS.

  6. Love it. It seems they are one. Glad you are on the mend. ::hugs:: to you Magaly. Take care.

  7. Another gorgeous piece of art.

  8. Glad you're back, Magaly!! I saw this piece on FB and loved it!! I just adore the green!!

  9. Wonderful painting!!!!
    Un beso!!

  10. Beautiful painting and glad you are your work! I like their expressions a bit shifty but into each other :)

  11. Just found your beautiful work after slacking off and avoiding doing anything constructive. Wow! Eye candy for the soul.
    Thanks for sharing it around.

  12. What a beautiful piece....

    I dont have my copy of CPS yet, but am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    Take care and good luck with your upcoming art show...wish I lived closer!!!

    Jacky xox


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