Friday, May 14, 2010

More beautiful paintings

Done in acrylic and charcoal on Indian brown paper 18x24 
The piece is called
Unfold and you shall find it in the colors.
As I unfold myself I find deep hidden emotions in the colors. Some are sad with a slight shift of peacefulness and an out burst of awakening feelings. 

It's Friday everyone and it turned out to be a Spring bright sunny day! I been home all day painting and eating pop corn listening to trance house music. I have not done that in a very long time. Back when I was in College, I would stay in my room listening to house music and paint like crazy. Then If I wanted to dance to let go of stress because Of finals, on the weekend I would go to the clubs the Roxy or the limelight and dance dance for hrs. I had fun!!! In those times me and a few of my friends that are also artists would go and walk in east village of Manhattan and go to the Nuyorican  cafe and read poetry and have a blast! I was young full of energy and the late hrs of the night did not bother me. Now I don't do that anymore. I can't dance for hrs maybe for 30minutes and I'm done. That is enough for me but I have not danced  in a very long time. I dance at home! Now I'm 38yrs old, living in the country painting, gardening, with chickens, a cat, a dog name Brook and my Hubby George! And that is enough for me. I don't regret doing the fun things I did. I met lots of amazing artists who advised me and taught me great things about art.

This piece is smaller done in acrylic and charcoal as well on Vincent Rossini 140 watercolor paper with border sewn in 6x9
I call this piece
In a moment of need!

There are moments when we need each other to talk, to express what we feel, to simply laugh, to be silent, to know that you are not alone.


  1. Oh my gosh I love you and your work! What an inspration you are! I just read your piece in the Cloth Magazine. Yummy, magical art. I've felted and love fiber but am really being drawn to the world of painting and continue to experiment and explore each day. Thank you for the jolt of inspiration!

  2. As always your creativity is amazing. I love In a moment of need - just beautiful.

  3. Love your latest artwork! You are so talented.

  4. Your life sounds as wonderful as your art!

  5. That second painting - Wow! I LOVE it, but it also makes me kinda sad. It makes me feel like they are comforting each other but are also something has happened but they don't know the results yet...beautiful but sad.

    Yes! I too have memories of staying out all night dancing and partying and having SO much energy...very fun days! (but I'm happier now!)

  6. Beautiful paintings! I love the colors of the first one :) I think you have a funny life now, too. Besos!!

  7. now you are clearly dancing
    on paper.
    these are gorgeous!
    love the colors & feeling
    & relationships in them.
    morning music.

  8. Hey! don't get mad but....
    uuuhhh....I left you an award over at my blog.
    Sorry! - Cindi

  9. Wonderful


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