Friday, June 25, 2010

Are you ever afraid of the dark?

Good Morning everyone, I'm up early today! I been going to bed late and getting up late. I think I had enough of that. It does feel good to be up early in the morning. Sometimes when I get up late I feel like crap and that is because when I sleep late and get up early feeling heavy and in need of more sleep. Now,  I do do love working when everyone is sound asleep and the town is quiet and all I hear is my rooster and a raccoon shuffling through the the bushes to find something to eat. One night a raccoon ate one of the chickens because George forgot to close the coop. I was up that night and the sound was horrible and eerie. I new something wrong was happening. So I ran out side in the dark with flash light and the raccoon ran off but chicken was dead with a broken neck and another chicken was missing.  I cried and felt so sad for it. You know I'm afraid of the dark. Always have been afraid of the dark since I was a little girl. I remember Sammy my cat went off one night for a three hours. I was beginning to panic and so I went out there in the woods to find him in the dark calling him, it was 1am in the morning. I spend 20minutes calling my cat. I realized I wasn't afraid of the dark anymore that night. I did not care, all I cared about was finding Sammy and hoping he was okay. Suddenly I heard a meow and felt this white thing following me, it was Sammy Meowing to me, saying mom I'm here, I'm okay. I looked at him and said you scared me to death I told him. It is time to go home. And while I was heading home I began to feel frighten of the dark again. I heard a thing going through the grass and I ran with Sammy. I'm a wuss, I know! But when it comes to my animals, I'm like a big fearless lioness taking care and protecting her cubs and so the dark is not an issue anymore when I'm out looking for my babies I love!

Today it's Friday and it's art shopping day for me. I need watercolor paper badly. I usually stock up on watercolor but it's gone used all my watercolor paper. So Today is the day, an art supply spree day for goodies and maybe going to a tag sale!
Yesterday I spend my day creating these beautiful little pieces that are done in acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini watercolor cold press 140lb paper  5" X 5" and it's protected with fixative. I decided that I will stitch these beauties on canvas fabric.

Bunny little me

Going for a ride on my bicycle 

 A day for hugs, want a hug!

Feeling colorful and groovy

Meow, got milk!

Oops, did I forget something!


  1. As usual I love your paintings. I can't stay up late at night...have always been "early to bed and early to rise," but right now, it's early to bed and sleep in till 8 a.m. I will be going out with two of my 4 grandsons today. I'm going to take them to see "Toy Story 3," and looking foward to seeing's been 6 months. The other two are with their mommy and daddy in Austin.

    Looking at your work inspires me to go back into my studio, but until these withdrawel symptoms are affecting me, I'm lucky I can get from one room to another, so till then, I'll just enjoy your work and that of others.


  2. We had a raccoon kill two of my favorite and oldest pet chickens a month or more ago. I cried and was so upset and we tried to catch it but we couldn't catch it using a trap. The neighbor is hoping that the extra cat food he puts out will distract the raccoon from our house. :( It was a horrible sound you are right. I used to be slightly scared of the dark but now I am not. I am braver! ;)I love these pieces esp. the bicycle.

  3. So fun, bunny little me. I am afraid of the dark too, that is why we have 4 dogs to bark at things that go bump.

  4. what a sad but beautiful story about your "mama" instincts. you might want to contact your local government agency for "wildlife" removal or i would think theres a wild life removal company around you. they will trap the coon and take it to somewhere more remote. as for amy's comment on the cat food... careful... i live in the city, in the city mind you, and the "cat food" thing only drew in about 10 more coons. i would go out onto my porch and they'd be all around me! waiting for more grub! very bad situation!

    your artwork is beautiful. i have always loved it. it suits you.

  5. I LOVE the black kitty one the most! but of course the others are wonderful too!

    I know what you mean about the dark. Sometimes I'm scared and sometimes not. Last year when the power went out about midnight and all the air and fans went off, I took Blue and we went outside and walked around and talked to some of the neighbors and then he and I walked around the block and then sat on the front steps because it was so hot out and waited for the power to come back on.I never for a moment was scared. Then last week, I had errands to run after work so I left Blue at the kennel at work overnight. That night when I was in bed reading with my little tiny dogs, I heard a noise downstairs! Little Louie (my toy poodle) started to bark up a storm (he doesn't usually bark) and he ran ahead of me down the stairs. He was SO fearless! We investigated but didn't find anything. Probably one of the cats down in the basement knocking over something. So back upstairs we went. I laughed to myself as I lifted my tiny protector back up on the bed. I turned off the light and laid there, trying not to be scared and wishing my Blue was home with me.


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