Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Everyone!

 This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on on Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper 8x10
I had it, enough is enough!
I been busy creating more lovely paintings and pendants. I hope I'm not overwhelming you all with different things. I just love to experiment and love to express myself in every level that my little heart desires.
Especially when it comes to painting in color and in ink which I will have pretty soon. Lately I been blue because I keep asking myself what I can do better to improve my Etsy shop. It is real slow! I keep painting and painting. When reviewing my prices, I think well, it's pretty reasonable I think and feel I shouldn't go any lower then that. The amount of work the materials I need to buy and more. So every night I stay up late going over my shop again and again to see what the problem might be. I need to see it objectively! And perhaps I thought it could be that I have to many different items overwhelming people. And perhaps again I don't have any prints made which I need to say that when I do make prints nobody buys as well hmmmmmmm. So what could be the problem? I try not get all depressed about it so I keep creating what I love. When it come to art being your only business it can be difficult. I took on this job as a care giver two weeks ago taking care of lady who is 91years old, a Art Historian. She is pretty sharp demanding mean mentally strong yet she is physically weak.  But something was real funny with this job. The lady who had hired me takes care of her some days and me other days but she calls me to constantly change my days because she also needs the money. I said it was fine. Again she calls at 10pm last night to change my days again and today she called to say the old lady doesn't want any help at all and not to come back, so she apologized. Basically the old lady is a big snob and has lots of money and is extremely mean. The woman called and said the old lady might change her mind again so I might get the job. She only gets like this way when she gets upset especially when someone screws around with her computer. She was very upset when the lady who hired me was helping her with the computer and somehow it did not work and later she made it work for the old lady again. I said look, I have other important things to take care of then having you go back and fourth about this situation. It's so unorganized! Sorry but I can't. If  she so happen to need help, I can't! I felt bad for saying that because I know that when you get to a certain age and sick, for one, you get all grump and moody and even afraid.  I totally understand but come on. When it comes to the point where you treat those who are trying to make your days a little easier by giving you a hand and help you then you treat them like dirt and say they are useless because you feel you can get away with it cause you are in a sick state. I can't have this type of stress. I love to take care of other people but not like this. Well enough about that. Last night as I was staring into space by my table I couldn't help myself, I burst out crying. I couldn't stop. I felt like crap blue and it could be also PMS on top of everything else finding ways to improve but I couldn't think clearly and so I wrote.
I need chocolate!

This piece was done two days ago and posted it on face book. And here it is!
The 8 pieces are done in ink and color ink on watercolor paper sewn to canvas fabric measures 9x7
My imaginary friends
New pendants done in fabric decorative fabric and hand made paper stitched together.


  1. This sounds similar to me, sort of. I keep trying to sell art and it's not happening though I have been successful with showing and being "accepted" to be part of projects. I signed up last year to do in home care of seniors too for some money. I have yet to be called and it's been since October. I should take a class in elder care but then on the other hand it's not my passion so I wait...
    I love your canvas necklaces. I am looking at alternative surfaces since I am all out of canvas and money!

  2. Wow girlfriend - you said a mouthful in this one LOLOLOL I think your first painting says it all LOL I feel like that lots of days when I'm at work - we all do. As for your Etsy shop - I think it's wonderful. I don't think I'd change it any - you already have it sub-divided into categories. Sometimes around this time of year when the kids are out of school and people are vacationing, they just don't spend money on art. The art market goes up and down just like all the other markets. Your beautiful creations will sell - just be patient. Now take a deep breath and go eat a piece of chocolate!

  3. I know exactly what you mean..sometimesmy mind is running away with me with so many different ideas..and like you I think to myself..maybe this is to overwhelming for others...but then I always find my way home and remember I have to be true to myself and my creative spirit.

    I really love your work and necklaces are really lovely!!
    warmest Regards,Cat

  4. I know how you feel. You NEED to create art every day because it is who you are. You are so talented and I'm glad I get to see so many new pieces each week. You create like crazy and your stuff is amazing! Don't get down...
    A while ago when I was looking at a postcard you made...I created something for you. Please email me your address and I will put it in the mail. Maybe it will turn you from blue to a rainbow of colors. My email is indigotwin@me.com


  5. First, YOU are a Fabulous artist! Don't ever doubt that. Don't lower your prices, your work is worth every penny! I agree, that it's probably just the time of year. Summertime people are outside doing things and going places. I sometimes think the only people right now looking at art are other artists! Stay positive my dear friend! It will turn around for you!
    Second, YES! YES! YES! you are right! Don't return to that negative mean person! I think she is surrounded in bad energy and wants to suck the joy out of those near her! You don't need that negativity in your life. You must surround yourself in positive and uplifting thoughts!
    Third, I get the blues like you have, where I doubt everything I do and think...take a walk with Brook or snuggle with Sammy while watching a funny happy movie. Pamper yourself and relax. Think only happy thoughts! and
    Last, come to MY BLOG! you will never guess who won my giveaway! LOL! Maybe THAT will cheer you up a little bit!
    XOXOX - Cindi

  6. Magaly! I'm so HAPPY that you are so HAPPY that you won the giveaway! You KNOW that you are on of my most Fav's! Little Gidget must have just known whose to pick out! LOL!
    so here's my email addy: ruby053@sbcglobal.net
    I'll ship out little Ariel as soon as I know where to send her.
    Take care my dear friend!
    XOXO - Cindi


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