Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The little blue button book

The little blue button book 
Done in canvas fabric. There are 12 lovely stitched handmade watercolor paper pages full of words of love and inspiration. My character is done in acrylic and the dress in decorative fabric. The book has a little button so that when you are done you can close it with the hemp cord attached to the book. The little book measures 21/2inches wide and 21/2 inches long.

Good Morning! Had another late night putting together a cute little book but this time it is not a pendant. It is a book as you can see when you scroll down about opening your heart and embracing all that you feel and see. To enjoy the moments of the present, to create deliciously through art. To indulge in all that means a lot to you to which gives purpose. I thought it would be so beautiful to put 12 pages stitch them together in fabric and handmade watercolor paper and write about what inspires. When feeling moments of  gloom, stress, worried, tired, blue and thinking to much,  just look at the  cute little book and read with your heart wide open. That when feeling all these things that it is okay and temporary and then on to something else that makes you smile and happy. 

When it comes to our responsibilities trying to keep your home in check,  your bills,  your life, the family, the chores, the errands it can leave us pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Emotionally we are stress not enough time to play to have fun which is also important. By the time you want to settle down and make art or do what makes your heart happy and relax, it is time for bed. We want to scream to yell and even cry. Keeping everything in control so that your roof doesn't fall apart. Well moments like these can definitely make you want to jump off your skin and run, life is that way sometimes. So we must take a moment to ourselves to breath, to bath in bliss, to read a good book, to take time to yourself  or calling a friend for a great laugh and connect, to paint or attend to a lovely garden and sit on a bench and not think but breathe. To sketch ideas and goals you want to achieve, to make a plan to do what you love, to find the balance in it all. So yes fun and play is needed in our daily life, our sugar,  the sweetness that takes over. When  everything else gets nutty the sweetness of your perspective makes your life a lot easier.


  1. What a great idea, and you executed it so nicely!!!


  2. This is so fabulous! I am in awe. Great job.
    Peace & Love,

  3. Way beyond and above!!! Just plain fricking awsome !!

  4. I love the little blue button book I bought from you today, along with the Spanish piece on love and the Alice in Wonderland clutch bag. You are extremely creative and talented and I can see you doing books with your words and artwork. Best of luck to you. G.Ayers


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