Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patches of fields

Patches of fields 
A journal handmade book
Done in canvas fabric stitched together. There are 12 handmade Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper stitched to the canvas fabric made into a book. Size of book 6'' x 6'' You can use the book to draw, paint and write poetry or anything your heart desires.  

I'm back and I can't stop! My hands ,my mind is going. My creative juices are flowing! I love love this piece! This is a patch work I designed today and I finished and I adore it. Beautiful patterns of decorative fabric compliment each other so nicely. An abstract landscape of leaves flowers , trees and patches of fields. What a nice way to spend your mornings or nights having wine tea or coffee writing in this beautiful book made just for you!


  1. So Beautiful, you're very talented, i love your work, i love reading your blog and seeing all the gorgeous things you create. You make me want to go running to my art room and start creating. Thank you xx

  2. Wow, you have been SO busy, I can hardly keep up with you!
    As ALWAYS! I love it!
    XOXO - Cindi

  3. Same here. Magaly is very creative.

  4. Magaly, you rock, your work is wonderful!

    Keep creating and inspiring.


  5. Hola es un honor haber encontrado tu blog me parece magnifico y muy interesante, me encuentro muy agusto en tu espacio y creo que merece la pena visitarlo con mas tiempo y empaparme de todo lo bueno que tienes aquí, de momento me quedo como seguidora y te invito a los mios sin ningun compromiso se llaman:"LOS CUENTOS DE NATI" y "LOS PREMIOS DE NATI"
    en ellos puedes encontrar magia, inocencia, premios, regalos y otras cositas.
    Hasta pronto besos Nati.

  6. This journal is wonderful!! And your new pendants too! Great works Magaly!!
    Muchos besos!


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