Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emotional Colors!

 I been in the house painting away, haven't got the chance to step out. But I think, today is the day to go for a drive cause it is gorgeous out side. I been working loads and I have more paintings to show but for now I leave you with these. These pieces were done in acrylic mix medium on wood panel 7" x 7" the last piece is 10" x 10" also done in this medium. 

I haven't got titles for these pieces yet but do enjoy them!!!

As you know summer is almost over and I'm ready for fall. The past few weeks have been cool and comfortably in my studio creating wonderful pieces. As you can see here I been playing around trying different color scheme. I really want to explore more with color deep color daring colors earthy colors dark colors all intense colors. COLORS that emotionally touch you. I'm going for it and I be back to share them!


  1. These are wonderful, I see the palette has changed to reflect your mood. xox Corrine

  2. I really love the direction your work is taking and these are amazing. I can't pick a favourite, they are all good and I love the colours. Keep going!

  3. Oooo I love these.
    I LOVE the color BLACK
    (or is it a color?)
    anyway, I love them,
    especially the first one,
    she looks like a little bird afraid to fly

  4. I love these images!!! Very strong and wonderful colours. Can you oet me know if the one second from the bottom will be for sale. Love them all, but that is my favourite.
    Enjoy your day out and about in the sunshine. We are heading off to Lucerne for a day trip....sunny here in Switzerland and lots of beautiful green, lushness and the most amazing architecture...having a great time.

    Sending a sunshiny hug,

    Jacky xox

  5. They are wonderful Magaly!!
    Great colors, nice expressions, lovely pieces!
    Un abrazo!!

  6. I adore the top one the best, especially your inclusion of white!



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