Monday, September 27, 2010

Being Patient and gentle with myself is key!

A Landscape of houses on a sunshine day!
Good Morning! It's Monday, it's raining and breezing out here.
I been waiting for this day. We need rain and I think is finally here to pour for two more days. I really hope so cause we need it. What have I been doing lately...well, I been painting with felt without paint of course and this is some thing completely new to me but I can tell you it's a lot of fun needle hand felting on flat felt. I simply love the technique. I know I have not posted paintings lately but I been doodling some ideas down on paper. I'm relaxing my mind and going with the flow. I want to come back with paintings with a whole fresh perspective. Right now I'm painting with felt using vibrant colors. The piece reminds of houses in someway on a sunny day.  The piece itself measures about  8.5" x 7.5" stitched on canvas and Rossini watercolor paper. I love abstract. Some people don't understand abstract for it's unclear message they say. Abstract to me is a beautiful combination of form  and shape where color compliments each other, finally transforming into poetry. A sensitivity of composition and colors. 

The road to a place I never been
This is a much smaller piece and it was my first I created. And it done in felt stitched on canvas and  Rossini watercolor paper 3.5" x 5". So organic and easily to work with. It is also therapeutic I just can't stop!  I'm learning the simpleness of needle felting. I have bought books on felting at this place in Great Barrington in Mass, not too far from here. It does take me about 45 minutes and love the drive there. It's a cool place for craft goodies. As for me I'm doing fine, just getting over a depression slowly. I have been sad lately but I keep reminding myself of all the things I love and stay focus on that. I'm trying to have a baby now and not falling pregnant yet makes me impatient and gloomy. I'm new to this and so I feel a bit anxious and I can't have this anxiety overwhelm me nonono I can't. So I must breath and not think about it. Life seems to be moving so slow but hey I understand that life does not work that way. So I need to be gentle with myself. And know the time will come to motherhood. I will keep my hands in paint and follow my heart to this beautiful journey patiently with love!


  1. Hi!
    Just wanted to stop by and say how much I like your felting work, the colours work beautifully well together, just lovely!

    Julia x x x

  2. Gorgeous colors. Love the way you experiment with all different mediums!

  3. Wonderful felt work Magaly!! Love the colors, the textures... all is great!
    Be patient and gentle with yourself again, nice results ;D
    Un abrazo fuerte!!

  4. Sorry to hear that you are glum. Your new felting work is most definitely NOT glum. Hope you do more -- I love it!!!

  5. it's hard to come to grips with things we can't control... i've felt much the same way about other things lately. wishing you the best and hoping it all works out for you. as for the pieces, they are just luscious - needle felting is one of my favorite art forms!

  6. I first learned about you in CPS - congrats on that wonderful article. Hope it has brought lots of new fans. I sure am one of them. Your work is so wonderful - happy, colorful, full of life (and your music selections too!) What is the name of the store in Great Barrington you visited? That is my geography too.


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